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To support the government program adressing vitamin A deficiency (VAD), the Ministry of Industry (MoI) preparing an Indonesian National Standard (Standar Nasional Indonesia, SNI) for palm cooking oil to include vitamin A as one of the quality components.  At the same time, an SNI for cooking oil other than palm oil is also being processed. These two SNIs will replace the current SNI (2001) which applies to cooking oil in general, including cooking oil made of coconut, corn,  soybeans and nuts.

The SNI was drafted by a Technical Team of the MoI consists of among others the representatives of the MoI, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Health, the cooking oil industries, palm oil experts, related professional associations, the Food and Drugs Administration (Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan, BPOM), Indonesian Nutrition Foundation for Food Fotification (KFI) and the National Standardization Agency of Indonesia (Badan Standarisasi Nasional, BSN).   Through series of discussions, the Technical Team generated SNI Draft-3 (RSNI-3 no.7709.2.2011) in March 2011.  It was then posted on the website of the National Standardization Agency of Indonesia (BSN) for gathering public responses (acceptance) through an e-ballote process in April-May 2011.  The result was announced in June 12, 2011 with 66 votes in agreement (84,6%), 10 votes objecting (12,8%), and 2 votes abstaining (2,6%).

Following BSN protocol, with some objecting votes, the SNI Draft-3 was returned to the MoI for further discussed by the Technical Team.  The discussion reached a concensus in the form of SNI Draft-4 (RSNI-4 no. 7709.2.2011) which then undergo the second e-balloting in November-2011 to January 2012. The disputes were cleared so as the Draft-4 (RSNI-4) has the same content with RSNI-3. The second e-ballot result was announced in February 12th 2012 ( with 62 votes agreeing (82,6%), 11 votes objecting (14,6%), and 1 votes abstaining (1,3%).  With over 75% votes in agreement in the first and second e-ballots, the SNI for palm cooking oil was approved and now is in the process of enactment by BSN which will then be legalized as a Ministerial of Industry Decree.  The announcement of this decree is expected in May 2012.

In order to achieve an effective result of VAD alleviation program, the MoI will further process this regulation towards a mandatory the SNI for palm oil, through BSN as Notification Body.  With this, all cooking palm oil will be fortified with vitamin A.  Some of the industries have already been voluntarily fortifying their cooking oil with vitamin A as an added value for their branded products.  However, it only accounts for around 30% of the cooking oil sales in Indonesia, the remaining 70% is unbranded oil has not been fortified, which is consumed mostly by the low income community.  With mandatory SNI, all cooking palm oil will be fortified to allow sufficient access of the low income to vitamin A.  KFI (Indonesian Nutrition Foundation for Food Fotification) has been actively involved in the process of the SNI drafting and in the technical discussions, and will further support the MoI in preparing the cooking palm oil industries implement the new SNI.

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