Minister to Boost Food Fortification Program

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The government will implement three strategies to help Indonesian children, including food fortification to curb malnutrition, especially those under five years old, a minister says.

Health Minister Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih said Tuesday that malnutrition was still a serious problem threatening Indonesian children.

“We will carry out food enrichment and supplementation as part of our preventive measures in tackling malnutrition,” Endang said on the sidelines of National Nutrition Day at the Health Ministry office.

The government will also carry out nutrition fortification through cooking oil enriched with Vitamin A, and by providing iron supplements for pregnant women.

“We will also carry out promotional measures through nutrition empowerment education,” Endang said, adding that the measures would rely on strengthening knowledge among housewives and students on the importance of a balanced diet, exclusive breast-feeding and routinely weighing children under five. JP


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