German Goverment, Bill Gates and The German Business Community Fight For Hunger

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In 29 January 2013, KFI (Director Prof. Soekirman – right end first row) has participated a high level meeting in Berlin, which was attended by the German Government, Mr. Dirk Niebel,  Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Mr. Bill Gates Co chair and trustee Bill & Melinda Foundation, civil society and 35 CEOs of German and European Union companies. The meeting was chaired by David Nabarro, Secretary General’s Special Representative for Food Security and Nutrition. Food Security and Nutrition – from agricultural value chain to human nutrition – is one of the most important topics. How can we ensure that a global population of an estimated 9 billion people by 2050 will have access to enough food.

The objective of the meeting is to present bilateral and trilateral cooperation projects in food security and nutrition between the German Government and Bill & Melinda Gates with the involvement of the private sector. It envisioned cooperation and partnership in 5 projects to fight world hunger. Totally 80 million Euros is committed of which half is contribution from the German Government and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and another half came from Private Sectors. Bill Gates has expressed his gratitudes to the German Government and the Private Sectors who have contributed to programs for fighting world hunger.

KFI has been working on flour fortification and now in cooking oil fortification. At this occasion KFI who has the cooperation with GIZ SAFO from 2008 – 2012, is committed to continue working on food fortification in tackling malnutrition in Indonesia. The chairman of KFI, Prof Em. Soekirman, has mentioned that building a collaboration for handing agriculture, food security and nutrition would be a new challenge in Indonesia.

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